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How Smoking Stories can help you quit!



When most people hear about Smoking Stories in the news or on the tv, they just roll their eyes and don’t

give a toss. The fact still remains that smoking is the number one preventable killer in today’s society.


The problem is that smokers are so addicted to this disgusting habit and they are to tunned out. When

people tell them about the bad health effects, they just don’t bother to listen or even care.

To them, people harping on about the negatives are just wingers and sooks that love to have a good nag.


Out of all the statistics, modern data and scientifically backed up proof about Smoking Stories, the sad fact

still remains that smokers continue to put their own health and the health of their loved ones in danger

with this evil habit.


When I ask friends and associates that are smoking, why they don’t kick this awful habit, I often get mixed

results. Some of the people simply love to smoke. They really enjoy the buzz they get from the nicotine and

use it as an escape from their high stressed jobs. On the other hand most smokers I know are trying to quit

but keep getting re-hooked during the cold turkey process.


What I believe governments should do is provide more smoking stories to the public, outlining the cold hard

facts on what this habit is doing to themselves and that of their familles through second hand smoke inhalation. 


In countries such as Australia, the Federal Government has made it compulsory for all cigarette companies to

put physical images of smoking related illnesses on the cover of their cigarette packets. While this is only a

short-term measure and in no way will create a long-term outcome, at least it is a proper step in the right direction.


At the end of the day, we really need to see more smoking stories in the media and the real, unglamorous effects

it is causing to peoples health.


Please visit Cease Puffing for more information on quitting smoking.


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